Tuesday, April 26, 2016

We recognise positive behaviour and effort.

At Tokoroa Intermediate we like to reward effort, success and positive behaviour. Success and effort in class result in receiving either an Achievement or McDonald's Award and getting your name read out and getting to stand in front of the school in Friday Assemblies, so your hard work can be acknowledged.

 The McDonald's Award comes with a free Big Mac voucher as our local Tokoroa McDonalds owners sponsor these. We are really grateful for their sponsorship - 12 classes x 40 weeks means they generously supply $2880.00 worth of Big Macs this year! Thanks Mr and Mrs Byrne.

 As part of our school's PB4L programme (Positive Behaviour for Learning) following the school behaviour expectations can get you awarded a TIS award - when set numbers have been collected a TIS Badge is awarded; Bronze then Silver and finally Gold.

 TIS Awards aren't given out lightly in Room 10, however almost half the class now has their Bronze Badge and one Silver has also been awarded.

 Here are this term's Badge and Certificate recipients. Well done to all of them. Keep up the great behaviour and effort in Term 2...

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