Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Army Museum

The 17th May saw Room 10 leave school early for the annual 2.5 hour trip south to the National Army Museum at Waiouru. This is part of our integrated Social Studies, Reading and Writing unit on Anzacs and Gallipoli. 
We spent 5 hours at the Museum; where we took part in a tour of the exhibits, and learnt about the different wars New Zealand took part in, cooked Army rations and learnt about what being a Gallipoli Medic involved. As always these activities involved lots of fun as well as learning. 
Thanks for taking care of us Mark and Erena.
Learning how to best cook a rat.
The Tears of Greenstone Wall of Remembrance

Avania recites  the Ode  of Remembrance
 The tour of the museum:

 The boys learnt all about rifling - the spiral grooves inside rifle and artillery barrels.

and found out about World War One trenches

 Next it was time to cook army rations - an exercise in working co-operatively:

Failing to follow instructions means running 

Cade learns about volunteering in the Army
 A lesson on diary making, Mark's famous 8 page diary out of one piece of paper. .

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