Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Making Choices in the Life Education Caravan

Room 10 have just finished 3 lessons in the Life Ed' Caravan with Liz and Harold. They've  taken part in the Making Choices programme.

The key messages in this programme were:
  • The best decision is an Informed decision.
  • The choices we make have consequences, positive and negative.
  • There are different influences on our choices.

What we learnt in the Life Ed’ Caravan: 

Every decision (Choice) comes with a consequence.   Brodie

Every decision you make can make a pathway, but sometimes it can be a bad pathway.    Maddi 

One choice can affect a lot of people.   Anton

Consequences and decisions can either lead you to a good life or a bad one – depending on what choice you make.   Faith

Learning about making choices is good because when you get older you have to make big choices.   Chanel

I learnt what choices are what the consequences are, and that making a choice can lead to another choice and another …    Lucas

Choices can be big or small and if you choose wrong there’s a consequence.   Kiana

You could get cancer when you smoke. / cigarettes cause cancer   Pita, Jackira

That every day you make heaps of choices.       Pita

Drinking can make people relax ( and sometimes not make good choices)       Starden

Using drugs can have long term effects.   Carmen

Every choice you make can have a good or bad consequence.    Riley

Your brain smells like blue vein cheese (and is as soft as a ripe avocado)     Thomas, Brodan, Anton, Jackira

Alcohol can kill germs.    Hunter

Your brain has a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere/ there are two brain sides.    Saige / Taliyah

Drinking too much alcohol can cause you to go into a coma.       Jackson

Don’t smoke because it’s bad for you and don’t get drunk!    Abi

About making choices – the positive and negative sides, and that alcohol can make you fall asleep!  Zarah

Making choices is very important  and you make choices every day without knowing.        Melissa

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