Thursday, May 26, 2011

Term 2: Anzac Soldiers Lunch

On Monday Room 10 had rations for lunch, the same food the Anzac soldiers had at Gallipoli. In the rations pack we had bully beef, cheese, jam, and hard army biscuits.
"I feel sorry for the Anzac Soldiers their food was disguisting" Logan said.
"The Biscuits were hard as rock and the bully beef looked and smelt like cat food!" commented Nicole, I didn't enjoy the lunch and felt sorry for the soliders that had to eat it.
Both of them agreed the only thing they liked were the jam and cheese.  
I personally do not like the look of this lunch.

Caleb, Lukah and Jack Enjoying Mrs Pukes  Army biscuits.( Hmmmm They look more like Dog Biscuits!  No Offence.)

Gross looking!

Don't break a tooth Josie

You look like you're enjoying that Shaq.

Te Ina are you okay?
By Room 10 Blogger Collette :-)

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